Director and CASD spokesperson

Meet Rick: co-founder and one of four directors at CASD-Australia. He is also the spokesperson for the CASD family. Based in Melbourne, Rick is a man of many skills. He is a Krav Maga instructor, a healer, musician, adventurer and now the proud Papa of a little boy, Tiaan.

From his former military career, Rick has developed strong values such as loyalty, determination and an appetite for extreme situations. It is not surprising that he therefore jumped on the first plane to Nepal right after the earthquakes of April 2015 to help with relief and rebuilding efforts. There, he met a group of Americans who would soon become part of the CASD family. What Rick is best at is, undoubtedly, connecting the right people together.

His commitment to Nepal started in 2009 when he volunteered in an orphanage, which was at the time managed by Prakash. He taught the kids martial arts as well as how to polish their shoes, a skill that the kids still to this day proudly boast about.




Meet Chris: an engineer living in Sydney Australia with a great appetite for knowledge. He lives life to its fullest. Whilst volunteering with SSCH in Nepal in 2010, Chris met Prakash and was instantly blown away by his compassion and tireless work to help others. Chris says: "Nepal is an amazing country where many of the people don’t have the same luxuries as the western world but you’ll never meet happier and kinder people in all your travels". Chris feels honoured to be part of the CASD team.




Meet Marjorie: a French expat living in Melbourne and who is passionate about education and yoga. Married to Rick, she joined the CASD family in 2015 and brought awareness to the disastrous situation in Nepal after the earthquakes through her project “stop, drop and yoga for Nepal”. She is now one of the directors of CASD-Australia.
Marjorie fell in love with Nepal twice. The first time through Rick’s stories and anecdotes. And the second time during her first visit in 2015. She especially admires the Nepali women for their resilience and strength. Marjorie loves being part of the rural community by helping with the daily life and house duties. She has been learning to speak Nepali and she often impresses the villagers with how much she can say!
Marjorie strongly believes that education can make a difference. In 2015, Marjorie was involved in the building of a library in a remote school in Ghusel. Two years later, she combined efforts with CASD-NZ to finance a water project in a remote school in the mountains.