CASD-Australia (Common Action for Sustainable Development)

Our mission is to empower women in rural Nepal through financial resources, education, and running water systems.

Our New Zealand CASD powerhouse, Vicki Farslow, shares the wonderful story of her "yes", which has led, so far, to establish two Women's Empowerment Centres in Nepal, providing household water, medical clinics, training and micro loans to over 1500 women.


COVID-19 Emergency Relief

Dear Friends,


Nepal is currently in a critical situation: a devastating second wave of COVID cases (since April 2021) is putting the country in great difficulties. The medical systems are overwhelmed with no hospital beds or oxygen available. The government is asking for International help.

"Landlocked and sandwiched between China in the north and India in the south, it depends on India for most of its supplies, especially medical equipment and liquid oxygen. With India stopping exports of oxygen due to the worsening situation there, Kathmandu is now struggling to find alternative supplies." (source: BBC article from May 2021)


CASD is organising funds to help our partner communities. CASD Captain Prakash Ojha is in charge of this new plan at his local level. The money collected is being used for 3 different purposes:

1. awareness raising campain. A jeep will be hired to travel through the villages to educate about COVID and teach preventive measures. Prakash and his team will also distribute hygiene kits (including masks, hand sanitisers and water and soap supplies) to the families. Each kit costs AUD15.00.

2. financial support for the extremely poor families who are sick or need to quarantine (used for transportation or basic needs).

3. Food package distribution: Packages include rice, lentils, oil and flour. It approximately costs $50 to support one month of food supply for one Nepali family. We are targeting to help 300 families.


If you can spare any funds to support our efforts, please click on the donation button below. Do not hesitate to contact if you want more information or would like to get involved to help more.

We cannot thank you enough for your support.


Here are some photos of our COVID-relief emergency actions: so far, the distribution of hygiene kits and awareness campaign has helped more than 700 families in 560 houses in the remote villages of Nepal. 

Thank you for the generous donations we have received.




Back in 2009, Rick Chong, from Australia, meets Prakash Ohja during his first trip to Nepal. This is the start of a strong and lasting friendship. Prakash tells Rick about his dream to create an organisation that helps his community in Western Nepal, an area that does not receive much attention from NGOs. He strongly believes that change can happen from the small things. Rick accepts the mission and CASD-Nepal is born.


After the devastating 2015 earthquakes, CASD launched the temporary shelter building project that would eventually house 600 people who lost their homes. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done since then:

  • Constructed a water pipeline in Kharaini (2015) 

  • Created a library in a primary school in Ghusel (2016)

  • Constructed a water pipeline for a remote school in Dovan (2017-2018)

  • Funded the restoration of Dadgaun Community Learning centre (2018)

  • We are currently working on the "Women and Water" project, which will couple running water systems with financial empowerment programs (2020)

The CASD family is now a worldwide group of registered NGOs with active members located  more than 5 countries (in the US, New Zealand, and Europe)



Common Action for Sustainable Development






"We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference"

Nelson Mandela



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